6918 4-in-1

Product Details

Product Details
Model:4-in-1 6918
Comb & wire 3:1& wire 2:1 & coil
4-in-1 punching and binding machine
A4 Size base(340mm)
With all selectable pins, can punch paper size smaller than A4 size paper.
Like LTR/B5/A5/A6/etc.
Max.Punch:30 sheets 70g A4 paper
Max.Bind:   500 sheets 70g paper(comb)
                   120 sheets 70g paper(wire 3:1)
                   250 sheets 70g paper(wire 2:1)
                   500 sheets 70g paper(coil)
Hole quantity:21pcs(comb)/34pcs(wire3:1)/23(wire2:1)/46(coil)
Hole size:3*8mm rectangle(comb)/4*4mm square(wire3:1)/4*5.5(wire2:1)/4mm round (coil)
Hole distance:14.3mm(comb)/8.47mm(wire3:1)/12.7mm(wire2:1)/6.35 or 6.29(coil)
Paper margin:2.5/4.5/6.5mm
N.W.:30kgs(each machine with color box)
G.W.:40kgs(Wooden cases)

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